My Vintage Academy was born in Florence as an archive, the result of 30 years of experience in an artisan workshop, in the fashion accessories sector: Giorgio linea srl

In these three decades, working with the biggest Luxury Brands, we have seen the ideas take shape from a sketch to the workbenches and finally to the most important runways in the world; all comes from an intuition, a memory, from the image of a moment.

MVA is a web platform of accessories and their processing, belonging to the fashion collections of the last 30 years, the history and the success of Italian and worldwide creativity, that we believe it’s must to be archived with the aim of enhancing them, by attributing the value they deserve.

MVA is born from the desire to make the rich heritage of Italian history and knowledge in the fashion industry available to everyone. We give to every Creator the opportunity to express himself, through a new way of doing research.